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The Institute of Chemistry announced that they have found cancer-causing chemicals in Chinese-made bras being sold in Vietnam.

Why Does Cancer Cause Night Sweats?

After testing samples branded Mengneroi, Qiuaziwanli, and Magnetic, scientists from the institute detected plastic bags containing a transparent fluid and three white ‘tablets’. Analysis showed that the tables include polystyrene and the fluid was petroleum-based substance.

why does cancer cause night sweats

One of the Chinese bras tested by the Institute of Chemistry

They also discovered two other substances, anthracene (C14H10) and pyrene (C16H10), belonging to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) group. The pyrene content in the fluid was 0.140-0,192 mg/kg and the level of anthracene was from 0.068 to 0.082 mg/kg. PAH, in particular, is a well-known carcinogen.

“Regrettably, Vietnam has not yet issued any standards for PAH content in mineral seal oil in order to determine the level at which it can cause harmful effects. Agencies should take quick action to regulate safety standards for this substance. If not, the situation could become worse,” said Dr. Vu Tien Loi, Deputy Head of the Institute of Chemistry.

Earlier, the National Institute of Criminal Sciences tested four samples of Chinese bras that were being sold at Dong Xuan Market and Hang Dao Street. The fluid and ‘tablets’ were also found in the samples taken from these places, but after analysis, it was determined that these substances posed no risk.

According to Dr. Loi, if the bags containing the fluid break, they could have a serious impact on health. The materials, cloth, and pieces of foam rubber that directly touch the skin may be more harmful.

Most of the suspect bras were both colorful and cheap, which attracts buyers.