What Does Ovarian Cancer Leg Pain Feel Like ?

What Does Ovarian Cancer Leg Pain Feel Like?

Most likely sciatica. Since ovarian cancer can spread throughout the pelvis, it is most likely due to something like sciatica, or pressure on the sciatic nerve that causes pain in the leg. However, ovarian cancer can also spread to a bone, causing pain, as well as release a hormone that can cause breakdown of bone, also leading to pain.

Several. Three answers come to mind: 1. Blood clots. 2. Chemo-related pain 3. Lymphatic fluid build-up. Ovarian cancer can increase your risk of blood clots in your legs. If you’re receiving chemo, Taxol (paclitaxel) causes severe leg pain. And if you’ve had lymph nodes removed from your pelvis, you may have painful swelling in your legs as a result. If your pain is new, you may need an ultrasound to look for clots.

Which type of leg pain is associated with ovarian cancer?

Leg pain. Leg pain has a multitude of potential causes that are not directly due to ovarian cancer. Ie. Ovarian cancer does not always produce a specific leg pain. Important causes of leg pain to out though are a blood clot and an issue of cancer in the bones. Leg pain could also be related to muscle fatigue, strain, spine issues and such. Either way, you should see your doctor be evaluated.

Do ovarian cancer cause leg numbness and foot swelling?

OVarian cancer. It can if it is associated with a DVT (blood clot) in that leg. Chemotherapy can also cause.
Possibly. If it has metastasized to other parts of the body such as the spinal cord, then there is a possibility. I would ask your oncologist to look further into this if you are having numbness in your legs and feet. Also if you are getting chemotherapy, this may be the cause of the swelling and numbness in your legs and feet vs cancer. However, do ask you a doctor who is treating you.

What does pelvic pain from ovarian cancer feel like? Is it severe or mild?

Can be either. Ovarian cancer may be relatively asymptomatic until advanced. Some early symptoms can be bloating, pelvic pressure, urinary frequency, difficulty eating and feeling full quickly. More advanced ovarian cancer can cause severe pelvic/ abdominal pain, shortness of breath and even formation of venous blood clots. If you are concerned at all, please see your gynecologist.

Depends. On what stage the cancer is at. For a long time, it won’t cause any pain. If you’re worried about cancer, see your dr and get checked.

Answered Aug. 3, 2012

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Not specific. Most women with epithelial ovarian cancer have pelvic or abdominal symptoms prior to their diagnosis. The symptoms that are most commonly reported by study subjects include abdominal pain/discomfort and abdominal swelling/bloating. These symptoms can be attributed to many different conditions. It appears that they are more common, recur more frequently, and more severe in pts prior to DX.