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Night Sweats With A Cold Your Question’s And Answers!

Q-1. Dizzy during the day almost like passing out, headaches, always thirsty, chills when hot, rash on my arms almost like eczema, night sweats in a cold room. Was just in the er diagnosed with migraines but I feel it might be something more.

Best Answer: In brief: Mold exposure?

First I would recommend getting blood work done and an EKG and possibly an echocardiogram.
If all that comes back normal, I would then ask you if it’s possible that you are being exposed to mold at home, school or work. With toxic mold exposure, you can have the symptoms you described here and all your blood work would be normal. I can talk with you further about this with a consult if you wish.

night sweats with a cold

Q-2. I have been having a lot of night sweats and cold chills during the day. So strange for me.

Best Answer: See an ID doctor. There are multiple possible explanations for this and the people who are trained to be clinical detectives are the infectious diseases experts. This sounds as if you are having persistent fevers. You chill when the body’s thermostat turns up. This generates heat & you have a fever. The body temperature is reduced when you sweat, as one of the mechanisms for losing heat. See an id doctor.

Q-3. I have night sweats and then get cold, my sheets, hair, everything is wet. What could this be?

Best Answer: Many causes. Depending on your age, sex and health, many things come to mind. Hot flashes of menopause can do this. If not the case, undiagnosed cancers, TB, thyroid disease and other infection can be the cause. You should get in for an exam and testing. This could be benign or very very serious. Best to you.

Q-4. I have been on Keflex for 10 days. Still bleeding and in severe pain with fever night sweats and cold chills. What is the next step?

Best Answer: In brief: In the direction of
With continued bleeding and severe pain, the next step is usually in the direction of the nearest emergency room. This is without having any idea of what else is going on, as this question lacks such details.
But, regardless of what medication is being used, continued bleeding and severe pain needs to be checked by a doctor. One can call her primary doctor if the doctor is immediately available.

Q-5. What do I do to prevent future night sweats? I can be really cold and still sweat.

Best Answer: Cause. Figure out the cause: tuberculosis, lymphoma, infections etc. Get checked out.

Q-6. I had night sweats, fatigue, headache, the occasional cold sore. Stuff like that over the past 5 months. What should I do?

Best Answer: See a doctor. Hi. Unless you’re sleeping under too many blankets or the heat’s on too high, night sweats need evaluation. Your gender’s not stated, but it’s a little early for bad perimenopausal symptoms. Talk with your doc about this, and get the appropriate diagnostic tests. Good luck!

Q-7. sick cold symptoms spitting out green mucus chest pains body aches to wake in night sweats every night fever and cold sores was going on?

Best Answer: See a physician! Your symptoms are worrisome for possible pneumonia. You may need antibiotic treatment. It’s not possible or proper to make a diagnosis without examining you and taking a medical history. Stop looking for answers on the internet and see a physician as soon as possible. Your delay in seeing a physician may allow any infection to get worse, making it more difficult to cure.