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Night Sweats Flu no Fever: One of the symptoms of flu is a fever that comes and goes. This causes you to have muscle aches and periods of chills and sweats. You may also have a stuffy or a runny nose, headache, and sore throat.

Night Sweats Flu no Fever

There is a paradox with fever: when you are getting hot, you feel cold, and when you are cooling down you feel too hot and you sweat. The reason is that the chemicals that cause the fever in your body are actually changing the setpoint on the body’s thermostat. If you go to the thermostat on the wall, and you suddenly switch the setting from 75 to 60 degrees, the air-conditioner is likely to turn on.

Our bodies do the same thing: when the fever breaks it is like suddenly turning the thermostat from 103F to 98F, and the body is at 103F. The response is that the “air-conditioning” turns on. For the human body that is sweating— which cools the body due to evaporation. While it is important to stay hydrated during this time you should view it as a good sign… It means your fever is going down.

Note that if the fever is breaking because you took Tylenol or Advil— you may also sweat but this is not a sign of recovery. It is just the drug doing what it is intended to do: turn down the thermostat. Because the fever is actually part of the body’s defenses to infection, most doctors recommend not using medicine to reduce fever unless it is above 101F