What Are Night Sweats And Fatigue Symptoms ?

Night Sweats And Fatigue Symptoms: A 30-year-old Canadian immigrant farmer consults with symptoms of night sweats, low-grade fever, cough, and fatigue. He does not smoke. He has a history of asthma. The chest x-ray required for immigration was normal 5 mo ago. He received the BCG vaccine as a child. The skin test for tuberculosis is positive at 15 mm. The most likely diagnosis is

Mycobacterium Bovis
M. tuberculosis

I have hemoglobin SC disease and am anemic. So when I experienced the flu-like symptoms the fatigues wasn’t really an additional symptom because of my being anemic. But I’ve had flu-like symptoms for about a month now. I’ve taken OTC cold/flu medicines from NY/Dayquil, Tylenol, Robitussin, etc. and nothing works. About two wks into the flu-like symptoms I began having bad fevers and then those turned to night sweats after given Amoxicillin antibiotics from my Hematologists. When I first arrived my WBC was approx 30k and since taking the antibiotics are, as of last wk, 19k. I’m not as fatigued anymore besides the usual from being anemic, no more night sweats, but I still experience nasal drainage and such horrible sore throat that it keeps me up at night and none of the medicines soothe it long enough.

My hematologist doesn’t know what else to do and has referred me to the Infectious Disease Doctor next week. Hopefully, he can give me some answers and solutions.

Night Sweats And Fatigue Symptoms

night sweats and fatigue symptomsnight sweats and fatigue symptoms